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Fusion FCD-255S Silver 200 Watt AM/FM Radio Receiver CD Player Marine Stereo

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Product Details:

MP3/WMA/CD/CDC 50W X 4 Head Unit - RDS + EON

Marine ready, incorporating MP3/WMA CD playback with advanced on the fly search and selection functionality. A myriad of features combined with ultimate performance clearly place the FCD-255 ahead of the rest

Product Specifications

WCS Wildcard Search
FUSION"s unique Wildcard Search allows tracks to be accessed directly, simply by inserting the first letters of a file, particularly useful when many tracks are recorded on a disc. The track is then accessed and play begins

Direct Track Access / Direct Folder Access
Tracks or files may be accessed directly, either by its unique file number or by its Folder or File name. This feature can access tracks "On the Fly" which enables uninterrupted playback.

The FUSION F-BASS function boosts the low bass frequencies creating a more dynamic response than conventional bass boost circuits. F-BASS has 3 different levels of bass enhancement

Foreign Language Text Recognition
File or track identification can be saved in foreign languages and the unit will recognize characters unique to languages other than English.

Marine Ready
All printed circuit boards are corrosion protected with FUSION"s unique PCB coating process. All printed circuit boards are coated with a film that dramatically improves corrosion resistance.

ESP Electronic skip protection.
The FUSION ESP mode helps eliminate unwanted CD skips caused by shock or rough road conditions by buffering 10 seconds of audio in memory. Additional protection can be achieved by engaging the 4 bit compression mode to extend memory buffering to 40 seconds. ESP is particularly useful in marine applications.

200 Watts Peak Power 4 channels x 50 watts each
Motorized, flip down, detachable face
Displays CD artist and track title
Aux inputs
Subwoofer preamp output
RCA preamp outputs
Wireless remote not waterproof
1 year manufacturer's warranty
Dash Cutout: 7" x 2"

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