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Aquatic AV AQ-RFBC-5UBT Waterproof Floating RF Wireless Remote Control For AQ-BC-5UBT Stereo

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Product Details:

This floating waterproof remote is great for pools, hot tubs, or for when swimming beside your boat! Radio Frequency (RF) type remote does not require line of sight to function. Works through walls and barriers. 2 way communication displays artist and song information when available
  • Handheld RF Remote Control
  • 40 foot range
  • Waterproof - IP66 & CFR46 compliant
  • LCD display
  • Powered by one CR245 battery (3V, Lithium)
  • UV resistant - ASTM D4329 compliant, tested for 500 hours
  • Salt/Fog Protection - ASTM B117 compliant, tested for 500 hours
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 116 x 64 x 14mm
  • RF Receiver included
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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