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Boss Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Install Kit For Amps Up To 1000 Watts

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Product Details:

Suitable for installing one amplifier up to 1000 watts. Includes:
  • 17 feet of 8 gauge power wire for connecting the amp to the battery
  • 3 feet of 8 gauge ground wire for connecting the amp to ground
  • 17 foot RCA cable for patching the audio signal from the stereo head unit to the amp
  • 25 feet of 16 gauge speaker wire
  • 17 feet of 18 gauge remote turn on wire This connection turns off the amp when the stereo head unit is turned off
  • 6 feet of split loom tubing for protecting the wire in critical places
  • 1 AGU fuse holder with 40 amp fuse
  • All other necessary hardware for installation

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