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Fusion MS-HUGMS Gimbal Mount Kit For MS-RA50, MS-RA55 And MS-RA205

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Install your RA50, RA55, or RA205 stereo with an adjustable gimbal bracket instead of in a dash. The stereo slides into this bracket and is secured by screws. Use this kit to mount the stereo from the ceiling or on top of a dash.

3 1/4" tall from bottom of bracket to the top of the mount. 7 5/8" wide from knob to knob.

Important Note: This bracket will fit the MS-RA50, MS-RA55 and the MS-RA205 stereo. However, the RA50 has a sealed rear chassis which can be exposed to the elements. The MS-RA55 and MS-RA205 chassis is not sealed so we only recommend using this with the MS-RA205 if it will be mounted in a protected area where it won't get wet.

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