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Boss Audio MRANT12W White One Ft. Flexible Rubber Marine Antenna

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Product Details:

Includes 56 inch cable with standard motorola antenna plug

Adjustable base for top or side mounting surfaces

Installation Instructions:
Installation is simple, but the antenna is packaged in such a way as it can be a little confusing to get started. First you will need to take apart all of the pieces as pictured below.

Drill a hole in the mounting surface that the end of the base can fit into. Remove the nut and washer from the mounting bolt. Slide the base of the antenna into the hole. On the back side of the mounting surface, slide the eye at the end of the cable onto the bolt. Tighten the washer and nut onto the eye to secure it to the mounting surface. Snap the cover over the eye on the back side to protect the connection.

To adjust the angle of the antenna use a phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw in the side of the base joint. Position the antenna as you like and then tighten the screw again to hold it in place.

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4/5 Stars
Submitted by , Oklahoma

Antenna works great. I wish the swivel piece was made of medal instead of chromed plastic but it works just fine.