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DC Gold Audio N4R 4" Black 4 Ohm 300 Watt Neodymium Reference Line Waterproof (pair) Marine Speakers

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DC Gold's Reference Line of speakers use Beryllium in the center of the speaker cone instead of the less expensive aluminum used in their other speakers and their competitor's speakers. Beryllium is a very expensive light metal, but it has superior properties for sound conduction and is extremely weather resistant.

Even though these speakers have similar specifications to the DC Gold classic line of products, Beryllium gives these speakers superior overall sound quality. For more information on the properties of Beryllium, visit Wikpedia

Patented technology allows these speakers to have only a single cone and voice coil and still produce frequency response superior to many component speaker systems! A single voice coil eliminates all crossover phase and time distortion while preserving the same sound pattern as the microphone recorded. Amazing!

These speakers use neodymium magnets which are more powerful yet much lighter than ceramic magnets. This allows for a lighter, smaller magnet structure so that more sound producing power is packed into a smaller speaker with less distortion.

This is our state-of-the-art 4". It has a 1.5" Voice coil and a Neo magnet structure. The magnet has a copper Faraday ring for less induction. It is a great mini monitor with bass below 70 Hz and clean to 20+ kHz plus/minus 3dB. It has a 91 dB efficiency and a really smooth impedance curve. It is also impervious to the elements so can be used outdoors, PWC, ATV, etc. Price is per pair.

Fully waterproof and UV protected.
3 year manufacturer's warranty!
4 ohms
Cutout diameter: 3.9" round
Mounting Depth: 2.5"
Grill diameter: 4.3"

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5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Australia

They are a great set of speakers thinking about getting another set for the back of the boat.

4/5 Stars
Submitted by , Indonesia

great sounding speakers for their size, very impressed with the quality

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