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Poly-Planar ME50 Compact 100 Watt 2 Channel Waterproof Marine Amplifier

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Product Details:

100 Watts peak at 2 ohms50 per channel x 2 channels
50 Watts continuous at 2 ohms25 per channel x 2 channels
50 Watts peak at 4 ohms 25 per channel x 2
30 Watts continuous at 4 ohms 15 per channel x 2

Important Note If you are looking to boost the volume of your system, keep in mind that this amplifier is about as powerful as a typical head unit amplifier so you probably won't gain much. This unit is best used to add additional speakers to a system or to add a separate zone, rather than to boost the power of a head unit.

It is also great paired with an MP3 player so that you don't need a head unit at all. an MP3 adapter is recommended - sold separately

Sealed waterproof housing keeps the water out.
Includes mounted remote volume control for use as a stand alone zone amplifier.
Integrated gain control and polarity switch for clarity
Proprietary circuits prevent distortion at high volume
Compact size 5" x 4.25" x 1.5" fits where you need it
Includes mounting hardware and wiring pigtail harness

Allows you to expand the power of your system and control volume for different sound zones in your vessel remotely. For example, reduce the volume on the bridge while you make a call on your VHF without reducing volume in the cabin.

Volume control does not shut off the amplifier. A switch wire is included that can be wired to head unit shut off or vehicle power to shut off the unit

IMR-4 module allows you to use it integrated with the Poly Planar MRD60 stereo system.

1 year manufacturer warranty
Download manual or factory spec sheet

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