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Jensen MSR4500 AM/FM Radio Receiver CD Player Plus Sirius Satellite Receiver Marine Stereo

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Product Details:

This item is discontinued

Clear-coated circuit board
Electronic volume, bass, treble, balance, fader
Programmable turn-on volume
Keyless CD eject
Multi-button power on
1-Pair of pre-amp outputs
5V pre-amp output voltage
IR20 remote compatible
Auxiliary input
Digital Clock
High-speed audible track search
24 Programmable track selections
8x Oversampling
1 Bit D/A converter
Anti-shock mechanism
3-Beam laser pickup
Direct track access
32 programmable tracks
30 Station presets 20FM/10AM
Auto station store
Preset scan
One touch memory
1.0 DIN Chassis
Flip-down detachable face
Rust-resistant coating

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