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Planet Audio PAK0 Zero Gauge Amp Install Kit For High Power Amplifiers

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Product Details:

Everything you need to install a high power amplifier. Typically used for amps 2000 watts or higher in power.

Important: The thicker wire included in this kit can be difficult to work with. We recommend using a thinner gauge kit for lower power amplifiers simply for the ease of installation.

This kit includes the following:
  • 17' 0 gauge power wire
  • 3' 0 gauge black ground wire
  • 17' RCA Interconnect Cable for patching the audio from a head unit to the amp
  • 25' 12 Ga. speaker wire
  • 17' remote turn on wire. Use this wire so that the amp turns off when the stereo head unit is turned off.
  • ANL Fuse holder & 250 Amp ANL Fuse
  • 3 grommets
  • 10 zip ties

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