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Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT AM/FM Radio Receiver Bluetooth USB Port iPod/iPhone Control 280 Watt Waterproof Marine Stereo With Internal Dock And Color Display

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Product Details:

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the version of this stereo that comes with the connections for Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you are looking for that, you will need AQ-MP-5UBT-H instead.

No CD player in this unit, but inside is a waterproof storage area for your digital devices which will fit even larger phones such as Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 6 Plus. There is a USB Port and a 3.5 mm audio connector inside for connecting virtually any digital device. Also, you can stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Two way Bluetooth communication allows you to change tracks and lists on your phone from the stereo!

The built in 280 watt amplifier is 2 ohm stable and will allow you to power up to 8 speakers (2 speakers per channel wired in parallel).
  • Waterproof (IP65 rated) - can withstand rain and splashing (not submersion)
  • Stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Waterproof internal storage dock protects your device from the elements and will fit even larger phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Internal USB port and 3.5 mm connection
  • FM/AM radio with 30 station presets
  • Color display shows song and artist information
  • US and European frequency spacing allows you to tune in local radio stations no matter where you are in the world
  • Rotary Knob Control for ease of use
  • Removable faceplate
  • Total peak power: 288 watts (72 watts x 4 channels at 2 ohms)
  • 180 watts peak power (45 watts x 4 channels at 4 ohms)
  • Internal 3.5 mm audio input jack for patching in the audio from digital devices
  • Rear RCA audio inputs for patching in the audio from computers, TVs, etc. (2 volts)
  • 2 pair RCA preamp outputs for sending a clean signal to an external amplifier (front and rear)
  • Single RCA preamp subwoofer output for sending a signal to a powered subwoofer or subwoofer amplifier
  • 2 zone capable for controlling volume separately in 2 different areas of your boat
  • Wired remote ready (requires AQ-WR-5F remote sold separately) Not compatible with wireless remotes
  • Current Draw: 6mA (standby), 7A (max)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, WEE, FCC
  • PBC coated circuit boards to prevent corrosion
  • UV Protection tested for 500 hours
  • Salt/Fog Protection tested for 500hrs
  • Chassis cutout: 7" x 2"
  • Mounting depth: 7 1/2"
  • Faceplate dimensions: 8 1/2" x 2 3/4"
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Download manual or factory spec sheet

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4/5 Stars
Submitted by , Boston

I had this stereo installed in my Boston Whaler and I'm really loving it. The installer said that he was really impressed with the quality of the unit. It is completely waterproof which is a huge plus in an open boat. The knob and buttons are firm and deliberate so you don't accidentally pres the wrong button or turn it up too loud as you're bouncing around on the water. The Bluetooth feature works extremely well. It pairs with my phone as soon as I turn it on and it is crystal clear no matter where I am on the boat. I can also control the song selection from the stereo or I can use my phone as a remote and control the song selection from there. The radio tuner also works very well. It doesn't have station preset buttons but you can still control them easily enough by pushing a button and using the knob to scroll and select. I had it installed with high end speakers that required an external amp and the sound is incredible. Now, for the bad. The screen is very difficult and sometimes impossible to see in sunlight so if you're using it in an open boat situation like me you might want to consider the less expensive version without the full color screen. I haven't seen that one in person but I'm guessing that it's probably a little more visible in daylight. The tray inside has a lever that you press down to release and pull out the tray that sticks and feels as though it might snap off someday. The unit has a USB port that requires a very short charging wire so it can be tucked inside the unit when you close it but it's not included. Also, when you do plug in a phone to charge it the charging icon doesn't appear on your phone. You just have to trust that it's charging, which it is. All of that being said, it really is a great stereo. If I could see the screen better during the day I'd give it a perfect 5. That problem aside, it's a great unit that seems to be well made, feature filled and durable and I would definitely recommend it.
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