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Fusion MS-UNIDOCK External iPod/MP3 Dock for Fusion Stereos With USB

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Product Details:

This flush mount waterproof dock provides excellent connectivity to a wide variety of digital devices. 3 adapter cables are included so that you can connect to older iPods and iPhones as well as the latest iPhone 6. Plus it is compatible with most MP3 players and smart phones.

Specifically designed to fit almost any media player including Samsung Galaxy S4. Fits devices up to 5.29" x 2.8"

IPX65 certified for waterproofing protects your device while inside.
  • Android and Apple Media Support: Previous and Current Apple range support in addition to Android devices that fit within the mounting constraints of the dock
  • 3 x 150 mm adaptor cables: Apple 30-pin connector, Apple Lightning connector and Micro-USB adaptor cable
  • Mounting Depth: 5.39 x 2.80 x 0.51 in - supports both iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3/S4
  • Water Resistant Design: Complies with International IPx5 standards
  • Easy Charge Integration: Charges your device while housed inside
  • 8' installation cable: Added length for improved installation
  • Stainless Locking Mechanism: Stronger and easy to use

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