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Milennia PRV525 AM/FM Radio Receiver USB Port iPod/iPhone Control Waterproof Marine Stereo

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Product Details:

Sale Price! Regularly $99.

This stereo consists of a waterproof box that houses the amplifier, radio, etc. and a small waterproof controller that can be conveniently mounted.

This stereo has no CD player. Instead it has a USB port for connecting MP3 players, smart phones and thumb drives. The stereo will play MP3 and WMA digital music files directly from these devices. MP3 players and smart phones will be recharged while connected. There is also a special connector for Apple devices (MILIPLUG iPod cable required and sold separately) which will allow you to control and recharge an iPod or iPhone. RCA Aux inputs also available for patching in the audio from any source.

  • 180 watts peak power 45 watts x 4 channels
  • AM/FM tuner with station presets - presets are retained even when power is disconnected
  • US and European radio frequency spacing allows you to tune in to local radio no matter where you are in the world
  • iPod/iPhone control interface built in (connection requires MILIPLUG cable sold separately)
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack on the box can also be used as preamp stereo output for an amplifier
  • RCA Aux audio inputs allows you to patch in the audio from any external device
  • Single channel RCA preamp output for sending an audio signal to subwoofer or mono amplifier
  • Waterproof box IP66 ASTM rated for salt/fog/spray
  • USB input for charging and controlling MP3 players and flash drives
  • Box dimensions including mounting brackets: 8-1/4"W x 2-7/16"H x 4-1/8"D
  • Controller dimensions: 5 5/8" x 2 3/4" x 3/4"
  • 6 foot cable connecting the controller to the box is included
  • Waterproof controller IP67 ASTM rated for salt/fog/spray
  • 5-line LCD display shows you all the information you need including artist, song, folder, etc.
  • Backlit silicone rubber membrane buttons
  • Surface mount remote requires a 1-1/2" hole for installation
  • Adjust bass, treble, fader and balance digitally
  • Scrolling menu system
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
IMPORTANT NOTE: The manual mentions Bluetooth streaming to Bluetooth headphones, but the module required to activate this feature is not available. However, you can stream music to the stereo via Bluetooth if you use the MILBTREC Bluetooth accessory (sold separately)
Download manual or factory spec sheet

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Rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews
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5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Iowa

Nice stereo. Sounds really good, even with the cheap Pyle speakers I have. Definitely a weatherproof option for boaters that leave their equipment exposed to the elements all year. The head unit has a few features included that I don't use (Bluetooth, Ipod, amp connections). But they are there if I want to upgrade. The control pad works great and is easy to use.

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , San Jose, Costa Rica

I purchased a Milennia PRV525 unit from internet, but I had problems with find a complete online review of it, that's because the reason of my review.

First the Item itself.

The item consist of two main components, the remote and the back box. The package box is simple, but effective. The package consists of two main componentes, the waterproof remote and a water resist blackbox. The quality of construction is awesome, they are solid, nice feel buttons on the controller, excellent insulated connectors on the black box, well, in brief, a A++++ product, and with an unbeatable price.

Second the installation

I installed it on a Honda VTX1300 motorcycle, with 4 motorcycle speaker (waterproof), two on the handlebar and two on the crash bar. I mounted the remote using a "Y" mounting plate and attached to handlebar and the black box was mounted on the motorcycle rear under the trunk attached with plastic ties to the rear rack. I run all the cables under the seats and gas tank and mount a flexible antenna at side of the black box. There was a lot of work mounting this because a want a clean installation, but i'm very happy with it, please remember I also need to install 4 speakers in 4 different locations, then i need to to run and connect 10 wires from the motorcyle front (4 speaker wires (8 lines), the remote cable, and the aux-in cable) to rear black box, In Addition, I need to run three lines (Switched power (12v+), Constant Power (12V+) and Ground) from the middle of the bike (where the battery is located, below the driver's seat) to the rear (Black box). Also I installed a additional lighted switch, because I don't want to use the motorcycle main switch, because it doesn't have Accesories switch position and sometimes I want to heard music with the bike off. I located the lighed switch in the middle right cover of the motorcycle, where I can access it easy when driving.

Third the Utilization

The screen of the remote is bright and very sun readable, The buttons are backlitted and with nice feeling, easy to operate with and without gloves on

The menu interfase is clear and easy to use when you get used.

The sound is very clear and the power is enough to hear it clearly at 60+ mph (100+ kph) with mildly scandalous muffles

The features are impressive for a unit of this price (am/fm/usb/aux-in/ipod, fader/balance/loudness/bass/treble/etc) to fine tunning your wanted sound.

On the downside, the manual is basic, I will want that it covers in deep detail all the features, but with a little of experimentation you will discover by yourself.

Finally, the conclusion

In my opinion, and excellent product, full of features and prime grade construction.

I hope that this review will help you to get your choice,

Ivan Ugalde

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Newfoundland, Canada

Excellent product and excellent price. Have this hooked up in my back yard. Seems to be a very well built unit.
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