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Hide Away MRANT10 Soft Wire Antenna 39318

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Marine Hide-Away Soft Wire Antenna that is designed for the marine environment. Simply plugs into the back of your stereo and can be spread out under your dash. Not as good as a larger antenna, but better than no antenna and very convenient. Total length is 45"

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Rated 5/5 based on 8 reviews
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5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Port Richey

No Brainer...Plug It In and route around inside the console with a few tywraps to get best reception. Try to keep it away from metal and other electrical components.

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , SW FL

Great product for a small price. Really helps my FM reception. The service from Matt is great, too.

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Naples, FL

Works better than I thought it would!

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Victoria, BC

What can I say? It works. How well it will work when we leave the dock, I can't say. Hopefully will have exterior antenna installed by then! :)

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Palm Bay, FL

Added to Jensen radio receiver on boat install. Spread the antenna as much as possible within the center console. Pulls in local stations clearly.

5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Northeast ga

Great antenna, it does work, great reception. Got all the station's a metal exterior antenna would get. Glad I took the chance and spent the 5 bucks.

4/5 Stars
Submitted by , Greenwood, IN

Gets better reception than I expected...
Cheap alternative to no antenna...
Would highly recommend

2/5 Stars
Submitted by , MO

Installed in my boat to replace a plain wire antenna. Performance was slightly poorer than the original wire antenna. Better than no antenna but would not recommend as a replacement.

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