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Fusion MS-CD500WB White AM/FM Radio Receiver CD Player Sirius Satellite Ready iPod Control 4 Zone Waterproof Marine Stereo

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Product Details:

IMPORTANT: This stereo is remanufactured, meaning it has been returned to the manufacturer for defect, refurbished and repackaged for sale. As such a 90 day manufacturer's warranty applies.

This stereo can play digital MP3 music files burned on a CD. It can also recharge and control an iPod when connected via an iPod dock or iPod interface cable sold separately. It can receive Sirius satellite radio when connected to the SCC1BL satellite receiver kit sold separately.

Complies with IPX5 Waterproof standards, which includes full behind dash water protection. Both the faceplate and sealed aluminum chassis are waterproof. Engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment including salt spray, humidity and pounding seas.

Fully adjustable volume control in up to 4 separate zones of the vessel. Have loud music in the cockpit & quieter music in the saloon.

User interface is intuitive and simple to use, while the recessed backlit keypad is large enough to view and operate in the roughest conditions.

Large, adjustable backlit LCD allows for accurate display of the iPod and Sirius interface.

Complete iPod integration and control is provided through a replication of the iPod menu on the stereo display allowing simple navigation and ease of use through a rotary encoder.

High output efficiency and low battery drain through the latest D-Class Amplifier technology.

  • Complies with IPX5 Waterproof Standard front and back.
  • 280 watts peak power 70 x 4 channels
  • 2 ohm stable amplifier allows the unit to power up to 8 speakers without an external amplifier
  • Wired remote ready requires WR100C remote sold separately
  • Sirius satellite radio ready requires SCC1BL receiver kit and antenna sold separately
  • Full iPod control requires MS-1P15L adapter cable or MS-IPDDOCK sold separately
  • Direct access source control
  • Electronic Skip Protection stores music in digital memory to eliminate skipping.
  • Electronic bass / treble / balance control
  • 4 zone configurable for separate control in various areas of your boat
  • 4 sets RCA preamp outputs to provide clean signal to an amplifier for each zone. Each set includes right, left and subwoofer outputs
  • Subwoofer level control
  • 1 pair RCA Aux inputs for connecting any external sound source
  • Variable back light illumination
  • Rotary encoder volume control
  • 12/24 hour Clock
  • 3 year manufacturer full warranty with 2 year extension available
Mounting dimensions chasis: 2" H x 7" W x 6 1/4" D
Outside face dimensions: 3" H x 8 1/4" W x 1 3/8" D
Download manual or factory spec sheet

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