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DC Gold Audio N69R 6 x 9" Black Neodymium Reference 4 Ohm 300 Watt (pair) Waterproof Marine Speakers

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DC Gold's Reference Line of speakers use Beryllium in the center of the speaker cone instead of the less expensive aluminum used in their other speakers and their competitor's speakers. Beryllium is a very expensive light metal, but it has superior properties for sound conduction and is extremely weather resistant.

Even though these speakers have similar specifications to the DC Gold classic line of products, Beryllium gives these speakers superior overall sound quality. For more information on the properties of Beryllium, visit Wikpedia

Patented technology allows these speakers to have only a single cone and voice coil and still produce frequency response superior to many component speaker systems! A single voice coil eliminates all crossover phase and time distortion while preserving the same sound pattern as the microphone recorded. Amazing!

These speakers use neodymium magnets which are more powerful yet much lighter than ceramic magnets. This allows for a lighter, smaller magnet structure so that more sound producing power is packed into a smaller speaker with less distortion.

Priced and sold per pair
Fully waterproof and UV protected.
3 year manufacturer's warranty!
Ferrofluid to center and cool the coil
80 Watts RMS Continuous Power each speaker
300 Watts peak power each speaker
4 ohms
95 dB SPL IW / 1 meter
Cutout dimension: 8 3/4" x 6" oval
Mounting Depth: 3 7/16"
Grill size: 7" x 9 3/4"

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5/5 Stars
Submitted by , Antioch, IL

About a year ago I purchased a brand new 2013 Yamaha Roadliner completely stripped down so I could build my own custom bike. I ordered hard bags and a fairing from Tsukayu, it came with a pretty nice Phillips head unit, a very nice Bluetooth audio/remote, a TEAC TE-MD4 4 Channel Class-D Amplifier and a pair of OEM Tsukaya speakers.

When it came in I didn't really care for the look of the OEM 6x9 that were installed and the overall sound quality wasn't to my liking either, but I had spent my customization budget and just had to live with it until I saved some more money.

I started looking for hi-power rated 6x9 marine speakers late in 2014, and found the DC Gold N69R speakers on I really researched these speakers. I was a little skeptical about them being full range, and the waterproof claim made me even more skeptical. My local marine audio installer had never heard of them, and there weren't a lot of reviews on these speakers out on the web.

The price was pretty high, and I was really worried about being taken by a no name DotCom store for 500.00. answered all my questions, and they assured me that if I wasn't satisfied with them I could return them minus shipping costs. So I said "What the hell, let's give them a try!"

The specs were good, only going down to 35Hz wasn't an issue on a motorcycle. You can't appreciate it anyway. mid bass and treble are all you can hear anyhow at 70mph. The Teac was rated 1000w (downhill with a good tailwind @ 1ohm on a sunny day using 000 feedline for your +12 on a special meter). The amp really puts out a good clean 100Watts at 4ohms, and I mean clean. This is a sweet little amp, and very flexible for configuration. So we had a really good match with these speakers.

I opened the fairing and these speakers were a direct replacement to the OEM Tuskayu speakers that came in the fairing, I did not need locate new holes at all and the installation depth was not as deep as the OEM speakers. I did need to run to the hardware store to get some screws because all you get in the pack are black sheet metal screws. Not a big deal, this is a custom bike nothing ever goes smooth. Honestly these speakers were the smoothest customization component I have installed to date.

I made sure my phasing was proper and then turned the inputs all the way down on the amp, I have a cool little device that lets me find clipping on the input signal, and clipping on the output of the amp. Its a little blackbox I picked up at a show. So I set the radio volume to about 80% (clean, and just a hint below clipping), and I then adjusted the amp to clipping and backed it down a 1/4 turn. It's about dead nuts 80wpc set the way I have it. I shut everything down, hooked the speakers to the amp, crossed my fingers and cued up some Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Mary Had A Little Lamb" there's lots of ear candy in this one.

I fired up the system and turned the volume all the way down. I kicked off the music and slowly brought every thing up to road speed (code word for CRANKED UP!!). These speakers were clean all the way to the top, I was IMPRESSED to say the least. I run them hard every time I am on the bike, there is a little rattle but that is the fairing giving in to the bass that is there, I had to cut it back a bit to reduce this, but it does not take away from the listening experience.

Heads turn when I roll down the road, and there isn't a stock HD system that sounds this good. I thought about adding a second pair in some pods on the tour pack, but my wife says she can hear everything even at 80mph. So I am just going to leave it be.

These speakers sound FANTASTIC!! They are waterproof, and I know this because I have been caught in a rain storm or two and they have been wet. I love these speakers. I know you will to, I got the reference series and they sound great. I can't say enough good about them at all. The bass hits you in the chest and you do feel it at 70+mph. I have to turn it down on some songs because they very efficient and take what ever the amp gives. They are not clipping at all the way I have it set. People come up when I am parked to see my system and are shocked to only see one pair of 6x9 speakers. I have custom HD bikes with 1000s invested in speakers, subs, amps and crossovers asking me what my secret is, asking how do I produce so much audio with one set of speakers. It feels good to hear that, I've done all my own customization to this bike and I get nothing but compliments.

When I drive down Main St in my town people hear me coming, and they are dancing on the sidewalks and giving me thumbs up. I have heard "Damn, that sounds great" so many times from so many people. That never happened with the speakers that came in the fairing, they never sounded this good.

I am putting a boat together now, and I plan to use these same speakers along with 2 12" subs and just enough power to make it work. I can't wait to hear that system!!

Thank you DC Gold. Great product, everything you claim and more.