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BOOMGEAR MP-800 128MB MP3 Digital Music Player with FM Modulation

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Product Details:

This unit is not waterproof, but it is very light and portable. Load MP3 audio files from your computer into this MP3 player's memory. Broadcast music from the MP3 player, through virtually any FM radio without wires like Mr. Microphone only better quality. It features 128 MB internal memory for hours of recording capacity. Use it in your home, your boat, or your car. Of course, with it's tiny size it works great with headphones as a personal music system and has it's own FM radio built in.

Broadcast music to any FM radio.
3 Color Backlight
Mass Storage
MP3, WMA, LRC Support
FM tune, FM Recording
Voice recorder
5 Preset Equalizes
Firmware Upgradeable
Folder Navigation
Plug and Play
Alarm Function
Editing Logo
Creating Music Station
Multi Language Menu

Memory: Internal Memory 128 MB
Voltage: 1.5 V
Battery: 1 AAA Size Battery
LCD Display: Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dot
Size WxHxD: 33 x 77 x 17 mm
Weight: 33g without battery
Case: Plastic
File Transferring Speed: 4.5 Mbps
Voice Recording: MPEG1, 2, 2.5 Layer-3, VAD Method
Noise Ratio: 900 dB
Earphone Output: 10mW
Output Frequency Range: 20Hz 20KHz

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