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My product arrived in non-functional or damaged condition.

If your product arrived with obvious shipping damage or product damage (external dents and scratches, unhealthy rattling sounds, etc.) click here for the online form to initiate the replacement process.

Otherwise, the first step is to contact the product manufacturer for technical support even if you have a professional installer. This is required before we can take the product back. The manufacturer knows their product better than anyone and they may be able to help you get it working over the phone. The manufacturer's phone number is usually in your owners manual. Below is a phone list of the major manufacturers for our products: If they can't help you get it working, the manufacturer will usually ask you to return it to us for replacement. Use the form below to initiate the return process for DOA products.

Keep in mind that we usually cannot take product back if you have had it for 30 days or longer. Ask the manufacturer for direct warranty service if this the case. Some manufacturers require products that need to be replaced under warranty to be returned through us. If you have one of these brands needing replacement, use the form below to initiate the process.
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Product Name And Problem You Are Having
(Please be specific. "It doesn't work" is not specific enough. Our distributor needs to know what is wrong before they will take back the product and credit us for it.):

Manufacturer's Tech Support Diagnosis: (if applicable)

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