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Video: How To Use Bluetooth On Your Boat

By Matt Champneys

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Bluetooth has become an extremely popular feature for marine stereos and more and more manufacturers are adding it to their products.

The main attraction is that a Bluetooth compatible stereo will allow you to stream music from a smart phone to the stereo wirelessly. That means you can keep your phone in your pocket while you are moving around the boat and your music will play over the stereo for everyone to hear. You also don't have to mess with cables or make sure you have the right connections.

The wireless transmission is digital, which means it almost perfectly preserves the sound quality of the music. And the range is good enough to completely cover most boats and then some.

Depending on the stereo, there may be other features available via Bluetooth. For instance, some will allow you to adjust the volume of the stereo from your phone and control it in other ways. Hands free calling is another feature that is frequently available.

The only real drawback to using Bluetooth is that since there are no wires, there is no way to recharge your phone while it is connected. That means you are limited by the battery life of your device.

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