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Video: Can I Use Wireless Waterproof Speakers On My Boat?

By Matt Champneys

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We are often asked about waterproof wireless speakers for use on a boat or outdoors.
The idea sounds very convenient versus having to fish wires through your boat when doing an installation. But there are some important drawbacks to consider.

The first thing is that all speakers, whether they are wired or not must receive a powered audio signal from an amplifier. In a typical marine stereo setup you run a wire to the speaker from the stereo which has an amplifier built in. Wireless speakers can't get a powered audio signal through the air so they actually have a small amplifier built into each one. These small amplifiers are almost always inferior in terms of power and sound quality when compared to the amplifier built into the stereo.

Next, wireless speakers must have an electrical power source and there are only two options for that: batteries, or power wires. Batteries have to be changed or recharged frequently which can be very inconvenient. But having to run power wires kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a wireless speaker in the first place doesn't it?

If you really don't want to run wires, we recommend that you look at one of our portable waterproof stereo systems, like this one. You can bring it out on the boat with you and then take it home when you are done so there is no threat of it being stolen. You can clip it in place with a carabiner, But if it drops in the water, no problem. Not only is it waterproof, but it floats too!

There are a variety to choose from with different features, so we hope you will check them out.